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Adagio FX and Adagio Ledger come with many sample statements which can easily be adapted for use with your company's data.

To view a particular type of statement, click on the image or link for a list of statements available for that category. To display all the sample statements included on this site, click here (6 Mb).

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Not for Profit Society

Set of statements including a cover page, audit letter, balance sheet, income statement, notes and expense schedules.
Incorporated Company

Set of statements including a cover page, review engagement, balance sheet, income statement, cashflows and expense schedule.
Incorporated Company

Set of statements including a cover page, engagement letter, balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, cashflows and extensive notes and comments.
Departmental Income Statements

A simple set of statements including a cover page, balance sheet, and income statements for the whole company and individual departments.
Enhanced Income Statements

Various income statement formats, including automatic conversion between currencies, a one row departmental summary, a multi-column departmental comparative, various multi-column comparatives, including a 12 month, and 12 month rolling statement.
Balance Sheets

One and two column balance sheets, including prior year comparative, and a GIFI comparative statement. Example balance sheet that automatically displays a bank account as an asset or liability, depending on its balance.
Trial Balances

Several Trial Balance formats, demonstrating SmartSheet automatic range expansion, and the separation of debit and credit columns.
Budget Statements

Several Income statements comparing performance against budget, calculating variances and ratios. A budget forecast projecting year end figures based on Actual-to-date+Future Budget to calculate a projected ending balance compared against annual budget.
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